War Master "Chapel of the Apocalypse"

War Master - "Chapel of Apocalypse" Demo 2009

"...For any career metalhead, it's impossible to hear the name War Master without thinking of the classic Bolt Thrower album of the same name. War Master takes the patterns of later Bolt Thrower, like For Victory... and IVth Crusade, and renders them in the simpler, messier and more rhythmic style of the first two Bolt Thrower CDs."

War Master "Chapel of Apocalypse" Demo 2009 (Examiner.com)

"...this demo is primitive and powerful grinding material; unlike the Bolt Thrower album, this material is less grindcore than old school death metal that grinds, and if you listen long enough, you can hear other classic death metal influences creeping in."

War Master "Chapel of Apocalypse" Demo 2009 (Dark Legions)

You can get the cassette demo for $4 from Torture Garden Picture Company, and you can add War Master to your friends list on MySpace.


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