Personal healthcare experiment

From K.S.

I did a little experiment with healthcare yesterday. Didn't really want to spend the money BUT I wanted to know first-hand.

I went to a walk-in clinic (I have an "upper respiratory infection") and said "I'm paying cash."

Waited 20 minutes, saw a PA (BP, pulse etc), she wanted to take blood (cost $50, I said no), gave a little urine, saw an MD, got a prescription -- I asked the cost and he changed to one that was cheaper (by 1/4).

I made an informed decision to skip the blood test, went generic. Saved $50-$75. If insusance was paying, I (and would almost everyone that DID not skin in the game) would have said "Go for it" instead.

Final bill: $214.

I asked the lady at the desk--What if I had run through my insurance (TRICARE) and she said--$446. Why you ask?

  1. Because they can
  2. Additional admin costs at 4 levels for paperwork and phone calls
  3. Waiting for payment causes them additional costs

This is why the Public Option will fail

For basic care, we should have HSA (tax deductible) and a tax credit for the working poor to FUND an HSA. When people SEE the money coming out of their wallet, they ASK QUESTIONS.

Here is a good example: Running a tab in a bar--I pay for each drink so I can keep track of how much I 'm spending. When people run a tab and just put in "on the card," they make LESS RATIONAL financial decisions.

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