Is socialized medicine unnecessary hype?

This editorial by Karl Rove caught my eye:

Of the 46 million uninsured, 9.7 million are not U.S. citizens; 17.6 million have annual incomes of more than $50,000; and 14 million already qualify for Medicaid or other programs. That leaves less than five million people truly uncovered out of a population of 307 million.

He says ObamaCare will save money, but Americans believe it comes with a huge price tag because the Congressional Budget Office has said it will.

Workers are also rightly concerned they won't be able to keep their current coverage. Many businesses will drop their health plans and instead pay a fine equal to 8% of their payroll costs, which is less than what they pay for employee coverage.


My perception is that other than those cadging their way through life on part-time or under-the-table work, the only "uninsured" out there speak Spanish, are here illegally, and are already taking a fair share of our handouts in exchange for menial labor. They fit into the Democrat agenda of finding new voters who hate society to replace their older white burnouts, who by now are realizing that living on debt has made their hippie dreams into nightmares.

I am impressed by how brutally incisive Rove's analysis is.


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