Allahu Ackbar! Fearless Iranians From Hell

Do you want to piss off your parents, teachers, co-workers and authority figures? The only way to make someone that angry is to violate something they hold sacred because they're afraid of the alternative. The industrialized world is scared shitless of Islamic fundamentalism because these people believe so much in their religion that they're willing to die for it. We can't compete with that -- we're too eager to get back to the sofa, Wii, cable TV and pizza you can order through the internet.

Back in the late 1980s, there was this band from Texas that said they were Iranians who supported the jihadi theocracy. They endorsed terrorism, book burning, dope smoking and endless war against the USA. This band was called the Fearless Iranians From Hell. If you like skatethrash like Cryptic Slaughter, Dead Horse or Suicidal Tendencies, check out this review with sound samples, tracklist and Koranic quotations.

Fearless Iranians From Hell - Foolish Americans, Holy War and Die For Allah


  1. No More CDs
    No More TV
    No More Cable
    You've Been Disabled


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