The Obama Comedy

White voters: I think the nice helpful man is going to make all our racial problems magically go away, like how your dishes vanish at a restaurant.

The president’s approval ratings, down overall, slipped markedly among whites in the days after Obama weighed in on the dispute: to 46 percent from 53 percent before he spoke on the matter.

In the same period, his approval went up among racial minorities and Hispanics after his comments—to 74 percent from 63 percent before he talked about it.

Macomb Daily

Despite their obvious inability to use critical thinking, even the average white voters are now discovering what we knew all along: Obama represents the interests of non-white people.

That coalition may further fragment as Hispanic, Asian and black interests no longer coincide on a single issue.

It's another case of diversity not working, through no fault of the participants: the interests of minority groups conflict with those of the majority, and since the majority is bigger, the only way to reconcile it is by making government, social pressures, etc. act to penalize the majority.

But thanks to Barack Obama, a comedic genius in his own right, we are now seeing the truth of the situation: individuals from each group represent that group because politically that is how they will survive.


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