Arrested neo-Nazi leader to go on trial for publishing addresses of Jena 6 defendants

More reasons the far right is disintegrating:

The request was based in part on the argument that White was in Roanoke at the time he posted to his Web site,, personal information about a juror in the case of Matthew Hale, a white supremacist convicted of soliciting the murder of a federal judge.

Even though White made no direct threats, prosecutors say he publicized the juror's home address and telephone numbers to an audience he knew was prone to racism and potential violence.

Defense attorneys have said that White meant no harm, and his online comments should be protected by the First Amendment.

The Roanoke Times

The far-right has never been able to keep a consistent voice in the public eye. They all either get arrested, or fall apart in scandals like David Duke and Kevin Strom. This kind of instability guarantees the far right will never get mainstream acceptance.

It seems to me that unless White also advocated violence, he should be able to beat this rap. The probable intent of his arrest was to keep him in prison and tied up in trials for the election, and the immediate aftermath.

Interestingly, the far left has similar problems but manages because of its social focus to avoid attacking individuals who aren't media figures. The green wing of the far left however is going to face increasing scrutiny.

I find it interesting that none of our defenders of privacy and rights, like the ACLU or EFF, gets involved in cases like those of Sherman Austin, the anarchist arrested for posting bomb-making instructions on his website, or Bill White, who posted juror addresses.