Primordial Traditions Compendium 2009

Primordial Traditions Compendium 2009

Here is a complete list of contents -- not all of these articles have been published in Primordial Traditions; some were originally published in larger publications -- the first article mentioned here is the core premise of this group, and that it should be the primary point of reference for all members, as it explains the entire function of this group.

- The primordial tradition(Philosophy)

- Does practice make one perfected: The role of gTum mo in the six yogas of Nāropā (Buddhist Tantra)

- Clarifying the clear light (Buddhist Tantra)

- Mara and the vinaya: A comparison of references to Mara in the Mahavagga and the Mahavastu(Buddhist)

- Monks and magic - The use of magic by the sangha in Thailand (Buddhist)

- Divine mortality: Natarāja, Śankara, and higher consciousness in the imagery of Śiva (Hindu)

- Seats of power: How does the body of Sati relate to the geographic locations of Śakta pithas? (Tantra)

- The lord of Kāśī (Hindu)

- Draupadi and Kali in the Mahabharata (Hindu)

- Aesthetics of the divine in Hinduism (Hindu)

- Tantra: Fifth Veda or anti-Veda - Part I (Tantra)

- Tantra: Fifth Veda or anti-Veda - Part II (Tantra)

- Invincible sun: The cult of Mithras(Middle Eastern)

- Islamic tradition and the Muslim Hadith (Middle Eastern)

- The Yezidis: Angel or devil worshipers of the near east? (Middle Eastern)

- Dyadic approaches to the divine: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, religion, and gender (Philosophy)

- Mayan ceremonial astrology (South American)

- The Black Sun: Dionysus in the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and Greek Myth (Ancient Greek)

- Of wolves and men: The berserker and the vrātya (Hindu/Teutonic)*Contemporary shamanism(Asatru/Shamanism)

- Knowledge is power: Rune magic in Germanic culture(Asatru)

- Ancient goddess or political goddess? (Wicca)

- Athena (Poem)

- Raising Apollonius (Occult/Esoteric)

- Cúchulainn, the wolfhound of Culann (Celtic)

- Communing with the dead in ancient Greece(Ancient Greek)

- Dead but dreaming: Oneiromancy and dream incubation (Ancient Greek/European)

- The sacred state: The traditional doctrine of state legitimacy(Traditionalist)

- Tempora mutantor: The deterioration of men and the aristocratic principle (Traditionalist)

- Ars regia: The royal art revisited (Alchemy/Tantra)

- Son of the sun (Poem)

- The age of darkness: prophecies of the Kali Yuga (Hindu/Traditionalist)*Mercury rising: The life and times of Julius Evola (Traditionalist)


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