Are those between clear gender identity more promiscuous?

Psychologists have found that adult females who have prominent chins are more sexually active than those with softer features, yet are less attractive to men looking for a long-term partner.

Larger chins on women are often caused by a high level of the male growth hormone testosterone, present in all women in various amounts.

The hormone also increases sexual assertiveness in a woman, a tendency more commonly attributed to males.

It was concluded that men will shun women with such masculine features when looking for a long-term partner because they fear being cuckolded.

The Telegraph

People hate cheating spouses because they've violated the most sacred human contract there is: to work together to create a family where each member is defended against the world. As we can trust our fellow citizens less and less, this becomes more important.

Masculinized women, in addition to being a blight on the workplace, are more likely to cheat. They lack the complementary force to a male that makes a marriage work. So now you've got a problem. Men who are in touch with their instincts avoid them so they can have functional families instead of joining the world at large in its dysfunction.


  1. And let's not forget, for the women's movement morons out there, that even intelligent women believe this. My wife loves what she does for work, but once we have children, she's going to stop working and try to stay home as much as possible. She'll occasionally feel a pang of guilt - "I wish I was making more to help out" - I tell her I'd rather us make less with one income than have her work just so she can put her child in day care. She agrees, and it's not because she's submissive; it's because she's intelligent and realizes that a child's best chance at forging great relationships is by staying with the parents as long as possible before education begins.

  2. interesting read. i meet this description and although i wouldn't call myself promiscuous, it's only because i don't care to be (i like the deep bonding of monogamy rather than spreading myself thin), not because i have "hangups" about sex the way many women do. in other words i'm not promiscuous but i am a libertine, and that could be the "boy" in me. i'm also a kinky freak and men that have been with me have been refreshed by this and said it's ashame imma lesbian cause between my lack of sexual inhibition and my love of cars and guns, i'm their "ideal woman", hehe..

    the cuckolding fear is also what drives things like female "castration" customs, logic being the more women enjoy sex the more they'll want and the more picky they'll be about skill as well, and therefore the less likely they'll be faithful. this applies to men too of course, which is why they're less faithful as a group. but in patrilineal societies female fidelity is critical to keeping track of inheritance rights, since you always know who your mother is but don't always know who the father is *unless* female fidelity can be guaranteed. a simple solution to that is matrilineage, which is why the Jews use it to determine Jewishness. but as long as "sons" are the building blocks of the family Empire, the ladies must be kept on a short leash.

    i agree about the increased parental contact making for a more "whole" child, giving us more time to incorporate the "internal mother object" in which we seek refuge during hard times in life. it's where our emotional resilience comes from and an absent mother especially in toddlerhood thwarts its formation. i'm extremely glad my mom stayed home thru my entire school career, so nice to bring a friend home for lunch for some freshly-prepared PB&J's and mom's olde-fashion hospitality. and you know she's always there to run home to when it all gets too crazy, and that helps you keep it together during those 12 long years in the gulag.

    i'm not sure why you say masculinised chix are a blight on the workplace though, unless you mean that they take the job of "family men" who now have to not only just be available to work, but must have superior skills to the he-chix they're competing with. but if "work" is a competitive / performance-intensive environment, i'd say he-chix fit in just fine. they ARE a hiring risk, though, because even masculine women prioritise their children uber alles and will (like your wife) often leave work when they get preggers, or require all kinds of concessions that have nothing to do with the job. a Tarzan/jane paradigm allows employees to be employees and parents to be parents. this would also work if men stayed home, of course, but if you're running your business on the law of averages, the female essential worker means more headaches and added expense.

    so i think if you're gonna have "a career", you should forego kids unless your mate (of whatever gender) is prepared to stay home, and not expect the kids to sacrifice their needs for your druthers. imma masculine woman, self-made, and compete with and excel over men in my field, but i don't have kids and don't plan to, as "breeder" is a career in itself and one that doesn't interest me. if it did, i'd find a mate and stay home, or find one that would. i wouldn't abandon my kid to the whims of others, to be programmed with the collective values du jour by some condescending behaviouralist wackjobs who are trained to train others to do what they've been trained to do, which is OBEY, not think.

    i *have* noticed a tendency to overcompensate for social bias by "out-guying the guys" (ie: being total cunts), but that's not so much an inherrent trait as one having to do with social taboos and the challenging of them. minorities do the same thing, not because they're "uppity" by nature but because the status quo is "they're on the bottom", so if they just sit by quietly nothing will happen, which for them is bad news; while if a 'niller doesn't speak up for themselves, their privilege will remain (affirmative action notwithstanding) so it doesn't behoove them to rock the boat.

    worst nightmare in the world? black female COPS, a TRIPLE whammy. gimme the good ole' boy anyday when the blue lights flash. he at least knows what a warning *is*. but the double-minority has something to prove. or worse yet prison guards. ask anyone who's been to prison what's the last thing you wanna see comin' your way: yep, the black chick with the badge. i understand what makes them that way and as a female myself can sympathise, but desirable behaviour it ain't.


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