Why Multiculturalism Doesn't Work

From a blog comment:

Multiculturalism doesn't work, no matter what ethnic group are involved; it's not the fault of the ethnic groups but multiculturalism that multiculturalism doesn't work.

Therefore, the Nanny/Police State is gonna force it on you, because many people are still resisting it, like they resist other forms of state control that are based in unrealistic suppositions.

Multiculturalism, or multi-ethnicism, is an excuse for importing people from other nations.

  • Industry loves it because it gives them cheap labor and new customers to buy all the products required to start up homes. Also, these people have no cultural prohibitions on buying certain things that were previously unsalable.

  • Liberal politicians love it because it gives them an easy-to-pander-to, instant voting base.

  • Underconfident, depressed, underachieving, disillusioned, self-pitying, low-self-esteem individuals love it because it gives them a way to take revenge on the demographic majority, who are perceived as thriving in a situation which these underconfident people are not thriving in.

This is the intersection of groups that want multiculturalism.

To everyone else, especially those who read history, it makes sense to have a nation of people pulling in roughly the same direction:

  • Values systems.

  • Culture.

  • Heritage.

  • IQ, ability and wealth.

That's how you get a stable society. People who are upset with our current society, or upset at themselves, or simply jockeying for power, are willing to sacrifice a stable society for their own needs.

That is why multiculturalism is the new taboo, and criticism of it is "bad" in the same way Satan, Stalin and nerve gas are "bad."

Of course, history shows us that we're not the first civilization to go this way. The Greeks observed how once a nation became a trading mecca and had naval power, it inevitably began to include a motley group, and eventually collapsed.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    It depends what community you are describing. Multiculturalism does work quite well in many places; Hong Kong, London, Vancouver and New York to name just a few.

    1. Anonymous5:47 PM

      You are citing examples that haven't been around that long. The best example is the former Austria-Hungarian Empire; after hundreds of years forcing too many different homogeneous groups together, they splintered apart once WWI started, and collapsed after.

    2. Anonymous4:13 PM

      London is not multicultural (people sharing each others culture if thats even possible, eating pizza is hardly understanding Italian culture, neither is eating a Sunday Roast as gradping English culture its just food), rather you have lots of areas within London which is monocultural quarters. Vancouver isnt multicultural its divided into numerous monocultures living parallel every major city is except in those where the culture of the host nation dominates Tokyo for example where native Japanese culture dominates. London isnt better than Tokyo as its perceived as multicultural thats just nonsense. Infact as its more monocultural its retained its character is more stable community wise. Vancouver now has no culture. How can lots of cultures come together and be one? Theyd have to abandon their own culture and adopt a separate one. Culture means shared history heritage tradition etc. The left are misguided With different cultures you get competition

  2. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Dear Anonymous,

    Your post is logical fallacy.

    How long have those places had multiculturalism? And how long are they going to last? These are deeply troubled places, wracked by crime and instability. Are you sure you want to hold them up as paragons of humanity?

    Even more, they're part of the society that the original post was criticizing... I think you're trying to deflect from the issue, which calls into question your honesty.

  3. Anonymous3:17 AM

    I'll use Vancouver as an example. Vancouver has been multicultural for decades now. It's in fact so multicultural that demographics can't even be accurately measured, because of all the mixed-raced marriages, and offspring they have produced. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Vancouver

    The west end district is so multicultural, that you can sit in a restaurant, look at the 10 tables surrounding you, and probably hear 8 languages being spoken.

    How long is this one multicultural society going to last? Forever. The dominant culture in Vancouver, is multi-culture, or a cultural mosaic if you will. It would be impossible to make Vancouver culturally homogeneous. This goes for most cities. My point is maybe that multiculturalism is so entrenched in many cities of the world, that there is no use fighting it. It needs to be embraced, and people need to work out the cultural challenges that such communities encounter.

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      All nonsense. Vancouver has lost it's home population of Canadians. They have fled for the suburbs and beyond. The few remaining districts of represented by the traditional Canadian demographic of Anglo-Europeans is the Kits area, small pockets in the West-End and that's about it. What multiculturalism has actually created is not peace, but replacement as Canadians fled. The remaining rabble of ethnic minorities don't give a hoot about each others tribe.

    2. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Read Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations". Vancouver is fine now, but still immature and growing...the coming problems are still a bit away before they manifest. Remember, Canada is still a young country, and Western Canada is even younger. When a country is doing well, and there are plenty of social goods to go around, people will get along. When things get scarce, this is when the true measure of a society can be done. And one thing to remember; tolerance is just a politically correct nonsense word. To tolerate someone is not the same as loving them. Do you love your spouse, or do you merely "tolerate" them?

  4. Anonymous5:49 AM


    You think so? Do you live in London? Do you live in the massive areas almost cleansed of White areas that have become no go zones??

    There are many parts of teh UK that Multicult doesnt work as it doesnt work period. On emore thing in 5o years it would have worked as it would have displaced the indigenous citizens!

  5. Anonymous5:54 AM

    and furthermore it ''works'' for the masses of third worlders who live in their ethnic groups,it works for tehmasses of criminals tha are imported because they killl main and rob,and behave parasitcily, it works for the oligarchs and communists/ the rueling liberal elite because the former gets iots massive cheap labour and consumer base and the latter their social and cultural genocide of the indigenous populations.

  6. Anonymous7:13 AM


    I agree with your points about the ulterior motivations for creating multicultural societies, like cheap labour, which is leading to crime and other problems. (It's also one of the ulterior motives for having women join the workforce; even today they still aren't paid the same as men for equal work)

    But multiculturalism itself is not to blame for these problems; the problems lie in poor immigration policy, specifically accepting immigrants without a plan to employ them. It's unemployment, not multiculturalism that leads to crime for example.

    Poor governance is the root of the problems you are describing, not multiculturalism per se.

  7. Anonymous10:26 PM

    New York and Vancouver are not Multi-cultural as some here would suggest. These cities work because the people in them consider themselves "New Yorkers" or "Vancouverites". That spells ONE culture. The culture of New York, The culture of Vancouver.It doesn't matter how many people looking different are around, speaking differing languages, or eating at a myriad of eateries. The danger is when people share no sense of shared identity. No common cause, and occupy and maintain neighborhoods exclusively among themselves, be they a race or a religion. It polarizes people and emphasises difference, when we need to be focusing on what we share. We need to find and rejoice in more common languages and causes, and less in what divides. Multi-culturalism divides us in this manner. The bending to this force has crippled Canada and left her adrift, with no sense of National identity, and is suffocating America and submerging her under its weight. Each culture needs to contribute to a blend that all involved can believe in. Multi-culturalism leaves an uneven balance of haves and have nots, and confusion.

  8. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Moral and cultural relativism is the demise of the world. Thats the truth. And guess what lib heads, Truth , with a capital T does exist.

  9. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Multiculturism is the worst thing that ever happened to North America. Remember the time when people never locked their front doors, or when we used greet everyone including strangers nicely? This was 50 years in white America/Canada. Now that their is so many people from difference nations like China, the middle east and southeast easia...Crime has increased rapidly, everyone is scared to go outside at night, no more politeness anymore because their is a huge culture mix up.....I'll tell you why this is happening...People recently have been fighting for rights, and now everyones got to much rights and there starting to abuse it...The whole system is screwed up..Not only that, multi-ethnic couples are more common which does screw up future generations because you cannot classify them in a category....And i do mean category such as black, white, asian ! WHERE NOT BLIND HERE!!!! PEOPLE ARE CLASSIFIED IN COLOUR....Everything and everyone is too mixed up and it does not mix well, just like oil and water!!!! The world was a better place 50 years ago then now!

  10. Anonymous12:34 PM

    From what I have heard Toronto is very multicultural but there are few if any specifically white people. Most people are mixed.
    And then there are lots of different groups of people. Its more a melange.
    I don't know why that doesn't appeal to me much but it doesn't

  11. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I don't like multiculturalism at all the way in which it is practiced in London.

    I live in a mostly white neighbourhood but one day walking past the local town hall I saw all the employees being photographed. They were almost all indian or pakistani, black or asian. I spotted one or two white faces. You realise you can never get a government job because positive discrimination means there is no point even sending in the resume.

    Its the same if you look at the british immigration department, all run by ethnic minorities.

    Ditto local government, yes, the old guard are white but if you look at the candidates they are trying to field now its the ethnic minority candidates.

    Multiculturalism effectively means it is increasingly difficult to be white. Life is hard enough without discrimination!

  12. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I myself am increasingly having issues with multiculturalism and the liberal paradigm. I used to try and think politically correct, because I was socialized to do so (not to mention I was a person who carried around a lot of guilt.) Basically the mantra was, if you are not thinking in a liberal mindset you are a bad and evil person. I eventually wised up after spending a lot of time paying attention. I am conservative in many ways, but don't pin me as some right-wing kind of guy. I believe in environmental ethics and I don't believe in the (over) consumptive society we have created. But I have put to question a lot of the other politically correct dogma.

    I personally believe there are many of us who like our space and also like to fly with a similar flock. I have noticed how people of different races react to each other, and often I can sense the subdued passive-aggressiveness that exists. I am not sure what it is, but I notice in myself a greater ease when I am around like people, and less so around those that are different. And if more people were honest with themselves they'd acknowledge the same. This doesn't make me racist. I also does mean I don't like a variety of people, which I do. But when I get stare-downs from members of other races for nothing at all, it just reminds me how much multiculturalism will never work.

    Look at all of the above mentioned "centers of successful multiculturalism". Study the people. You will notice a pervasive narcissism among many of them. Others come across as soulless. You will see everyone try and be trendy as a means to fit in. Take the "urban hipster" as an example. I have no idea how to put this in words, but basically this is all about creating a fake/manufactured identity for oneself. Identity being what it is, these people will attempt to intellectually take down anyone who challenges their "urban based" identity. Sounds like the person defending the cities above is doing just that. And many of them are cesspool dumps anyway. Just a thought.


  13. Human4:39 AM

    Multiculturalism cannot possibly survive. Anyone with an ounce of common sense sees it - it is the deliberate thrusting together of cultures to create a conflict. The conflict will be permanent until one culture dominates. And in this case one culture is not wasting any time thank you - our good friend Islam. Multiculturalism is a collection of cultures - cultures are based on an ethnic group or a collection of subgroups who originate in a geographical location and have a history. If that culture is exported, it either has to dominate in order for future generations to perpetuate it or the future generations lose it. That is a fact.
    If it dominates then you have merely replaced the original dominant culture with a new dominant culture. You no longer have multiculturalism or you have a class riven society. In the UK and in Canada you had a dominant culture which was enlightened enough to tolerate a small minority of other cultures who either happily assimilated or were pleased to remain a microcosm and took advantage of their "differences" i.e. Chinatown and Indian areas. They still supported the doiminant culture because they knew what side their bread was buttered. Canada - have you forgotten Quebec? The Quebecois have always demanded either to be dominant or to be seperated - thats multiculturalism? Thats failure of multiculturalism. The only way to make it work is to mix a bunch of ethnicities together and create a new culture and what do you have? A domnant culture!!!! Argue around circles, multiculturalism does not work by definition and is the potential destruction of all the developments that could still be good for this planet. If populations are permitted to assimilate and mix organically rather than by force then over say a thousand years the races will mix but the cultures will die. If you force it, you are are another Stalin.

  14. Anonymous10:26 PM

    i just don't like the darkies

  15. Multiculturalism is stupid plain and simple.

    Human beings are tribal by nature, and when you are forced out of this tribal identity that you are biologically hardwired to have, you tend to feel lonely and depressed. This is why if you go to multicultural areas (like Toronto, my city), you see most people, especially the white people who are forced the most to become multicultural, are walking around like a bunch of zombies who are so dull they won't even eat your brains.

  16. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Africa for africans asia for asians white countries for everybody. multiculturalism doesnt work never will its just liberal communist dribble.

  17. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I live in Sydney, Australia. You should see things here! We seem to be taking in all the chumps from Sudan & Sri Lanka. Not to mention all the Indians & Chinese who pretend to study here, then all of a sudden are permanent citizens??

    My wife is from Scotland...you know the guys who basically started this country back in 1788 with the English, well the Australian government charged "us - husband & wife" $20,000 to come here with me...an Aussie! But they simply let anyone else in who cries refugee.

    Now we have an official problem because some of these Sudanese & Sri Lankans are terrorists or simply not what we want in this country as they are rioting in gangs now & slowly taking control of certain suburbs in the cities...not unlike whats happened in London. All i hope is that God has a plan install for us...not multiculturalism.

  18. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Come to South Africa for a perfect example of what a mess multiculturism can turn into!

  19. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Why do all white countries only have to endure the multicult? What about China and Africa...shouldn't they be forced to accept foreigners and give them special rights and privledges?

  20. Anonymous11:59 PM

    In almost any western country or western colinized country there are coloured immigrants with the right to demand that they be able to continue and enforce their cultural, traditional and religious practices. Yet to find a white or western person with the right to demand the same things in a coulored peoples country is unheard of in the modern world. Apparently if your a coloured person and you speak for coloured peoples rights, You are called a "Human Rights Activist". If your a white person and you speak for white peoples rights then your called A "Racist" or "Nazi".

  21. Anonymous1:56 AM

    multiculturism is rubbish and cannot survive. People are too afraid to admit it because weve all been fed this rubbish about how its so good for society. all societies in history have had a common goal, it is nature. What people need to do is ralise that we have our differences and try to get on while we cling to this rock we call earth.

  22. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Imagine being a poor Afghan person,having your home destroyed and a loved one killed by "The West" and a MacShack built in place of it. Lets all give Globalisation and Multiculture a big middle finger of applause!

  23. Anonymous8:48 AM

    You have to have a group to cling to. Thats how humans survive. Look at the Jews. They were surpressed at times but they stuck together and made some great contributions to our world. Multiculture just deadens peoples minds so governments can control them easily. Not even the governments fault as all nations are compeatingg in this increasingly crowded and hard world. Im their worst nightmare, a rational, rural white man! haha! Shove it Multiculturialism!

  24. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Very true..multiculturalism doesn't work (for the disappointed whites)...their mistake having moved out of Africa many thousands of years ago..(read Charles Darwin's out of africa theory and evolution)..There is a solution though if these Europeans go back to Africa..May peace be upon them and in turn also create peace for the rest.

  25. Stephen8:24 PM

    Some great comments on here! Multiculturalism is one of the most dangerous philosophies ever created. The way that it creates parallel and competing legal systems in the name of "goodness" and "tolerance" is just one symptom of the historically ignorant and socially schizophrenic mentality it is based on. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." This is what multiculturalism does to a society.

  26. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I live in London and I have to say that multiculturalism doesn't work.

    There is no meeting of minds because the cultures lead very separate lives, I can honestly say that although the UK is more wealthy than when I was a child it is not as nice a place to live.

  27. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Screw multiculturalism, we make a great country, then everyone else wants to come here and suck off the system to our eventual ruin. Stop immigration and segregate our schools. All races are equal but not the same and we shouldn't feel ashamed to say so. But we are conditioned to feel guilty for our race. Bull, complete bull.

  28. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Shoot the Jews, hang the blacks, expel the Asians, cage the women. Simple as that, white man.

  29. Mixed Race Jane2:51 AM

    I got as far as demographics can't be counted because of all the mixed race marriages and quit on anonymous. That is why Multiculturalism can never work - dividing human kind into races.

    Multiculturalism is, by definition, racist.

  30. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Multiculturalism does NOT work! Do your homework before posting false imaginary ideals to the contrary....If you honestly live in a multicultural society - pull your head out of your butt and open your eyes to the truth! If you have been blessed to have some years of experience in the real world under your belt, think back to the 70's or so and consider all that has been taken from you over the years..\if you are not fortunate enough to have many years of life experience behind you - God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason...

  31. Anonymous2:52 AM

    It's true, multiculturalism isn't really a smart thing to strive fore, all it does it create conflict among people. And as far as the one poster who claimed that " Vancouver was multicultural and will remain so " ....c'mon who are you kidding? If you want to get specific , yes there are many different people from many different parts of the world living there, but honestly there's only 2 major groups: Whites, and East Asians. And the East Asians are currently on their way of becoming the majority and once that happens, tell me how multicultural will it be?

  32. Anonymous2:23 PM

    No offense, but the author of this article is mentally retarded and racist, a common combination.

    Multiculturalism DOES work in MANY countries, only thing is that the transition from illogical Nationalism to Multiculturalism TAKES TIME. It took years for it to happen in the U.S. because there is controversy even amongst the majority ranks of the U.S. Of course it will be a bumpy ride when taking on multiculturalism because most of the times the same culture is at odds with itself!

    Christ man, USE YOUR BRAIN! Multiculturalism does work.

    The following nations have been multicultural since the 60's: the U.S., Europe (it is now integrating Muslims which will be a challenge because of the massive amounts of Catholics in Europe), Japan, China, Australia, and even Africa.

    You people are racist retards, period.

    Multiculturalism seems impossible because, and only because, it's new. People need to start catching up to the 21st century and adapt already. There is only one race, the human race and we need to start acknowledging this fact that science and even religions all over the world acknowledge.

    1. Anonymous8:59 PM

      Read any of these comments?/Haha nobody here agrees with your dumb one love ass, take that altitude to a geto full of the primates and act that way. Youll get your pathetic bobble head knocked 360 degrees. Move in a run down black neighborhood please!! Call that bluff. It is you that live in a clouded reality, obviously too far out there to acknowledge real facts. I guarantee your soul is completely frail, I bet peoples knees get weak just looking at you. Political correctness is OUT my friend, ONLY common sense here on out will work.

    2. Anonymous9:02 PM

      Multiculturalism is a one love dream, a total failure. You're examples are complete immaterial to the facts. Only a retard flys by facts, retardo. Dumb piece of shit.

  33. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I totally hate multiculturalism and agree with many of the contributors here.

    We can see at local Government level all the jobs are handed out to people called Mr NBongo or Mr Saeed, never Mr Smith or Mr Collins.

    The trouble is now it has been here so bloody long you will never get rid of it.

    As David Icke says the rabbit hole does go very deep and we are having this forced upon us by the Nazi Jackboot who claim to know what is good for us.

    What will eventually happen is that it will become diluted and nobody will have a cultural identity to call their own.

    This is because these days we have an increasing number of thick females, who like to make babies with black men, even when they cannot afford to do so, but that won't stop them.

    Few if any of these relationships ever work out.
    I know one girl myself, aged 29 with 3 kids of mixed ethnic origin, by at least two different fathers possibly three.

    What does that tell you about society ?

    There is a lot of truth in the saying "Birds of a feather flock together" and so it should stay that way without every average white person being told that they have to integrate etc.

    No we bloody well don't and neither do we bloody well want to either.


    Immigration built the western world and it looks like immigration will be the ruin of the western world.
    If one more immigrant tells me that we were all immigrants at one time I tell them exactly that...immigration will be the ruin of the civilized nations.

  35. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Multiculturalism is a load of crap if you want the blunt and bare truth of it, it doesn't work, it divides rather than unite, it is or was used by politicians as a tool to try and stop people from attacking their precious immigrants, but it didn't work because multiculturalism doesn't work, we don't want them and they don't want to know us either, how can completely different cultures homogenise anyway, it's impossible, our traditions and moral values differ so much from the invaders from the east, it is an arrogant, short sighted assumption to suppose that our cultures and theirs were even remotely compatible, and all that word does is remind me of the crap and misery that was New Labour, a dark period in Britain's history whose legacy we are still living through and it will take a long time to turn the tide back to something that resembles anything decent.

  36. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Every great empires had Multiculturalism and look where it gottem
    1. Rome, the light of ancient world no more. Multiculturalism never last, read the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. By the end of the Roman Empire only one out out of five "so called" romans were of Roman descent.
    2. Persia had men from every nation on earth....look how well that ended. Everyone knows the history on that one. A small nation of Greeks out numbered one to ten, brought that Multiculturaist shit whole to and end.
    Anyway these are just a few, feel free to look up others.
    One nation, one people, one race that is the success proven throughout history. Wake Up western world Multiculturalism will end every thing you hold dear! De-portation or segration is the only way!

  37. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Personally all I care about is freedom and equal treatment before the law. I want people to have as much freedom as possible and every person to have an equal shot at succeeding. That means we (U.S.) need to uphold the constitution, we need to keep a safety net that keeps people alive, and we need to have everyone treated equally by the government. For example, less judicial activism, less affirmative action, a flat consumption based tax, a welfare system that supports everyone in need, proper immigration laws, few gun laws, reformed judicial system, and the ability for everyone to do what they want (to a point obviously).
    This is an extremely hard thing to accomplish and it probably never will happen, but I hope it does.
    As pertaining to the article, I believe that multiculturalism is not a good idea and I am especially against the forcing of the domestic citizens to conform and accomadate these new cultures. I would like for the new immigrants to do what they want with their culture, but they will be treated as any other citizen is.
    Nice article, even though I do not completely agree with it or some of the comments above.

  38. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Mr. Lee in Singapore, one of the wisest men on the planet ...

    Spent years trying to get various groups of Asians to live with each other ...

    Found you can put them in the same neighborhood,and impose a lot of discipline to mininmize conflicts, but folks never really bond with each other ...

    So what are the implications for trying to artificially bond more dissimilar groups of people??

    People used to marry within their own tribes ... the further they strayed, to more unlike their partner they could be ... nice strategy to pick up some money and move up the social ladder.

    I have worked and had serious relationships with Jew, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. I have survived and thrived in a totally alien foreign culture for over ten years, and am happily married to a foreigner. I am proud of my own race just like my multi-ethnic friends have told me they are proud of theirs. When they meet, I am the only one present not in their tribe.

    And I must tell you, we all understand that multi-culturalism is sheer folly, a game played by children who think male African lions, grizzly bears, and Great White sharks are their soulmates ... nothing racist about it at all fools, just the common wisdom of smart, realistic, wise people.

  39. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Multiculturism cannot work. Multi ethnic communities can work but it requires that incomers adopt and respect the local culture and not practice that which conflicts !

  40. Anonymous10:47 PM

    London? What about the homegrown terrorists? Vancouver? I live there and half the city doesn't even speak English.

  41. Anonymous1:11 AM

    What really annoys me is the over representation of certain ethnic groups in the media. Just watch kds tv!

  42. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Where do I start with this? Apologies for the length of this post. I have a lot to say on the subject.
    Firstly, I am not racist in that I do not believe one ethnic group is inately superior to any other group. However I do believe in nations and believe that England should be for the English, or at the very least that English culture should be the dominant culture and that anyone living here should fit in with English culture and values.
    Some immigration is ok, but it should be strictly controlled and we should never allow massive groups of immigrants in that are likely to dominate the existing culture. If this happens we start to actually loose the existing culture. They end up in competition.
    The trouble in England is that this has already happened in large areas. That guy in the U S who got lambasted for calling Birmingham an islamic city, a no go area for whites was not entirely wrong actually, although this is the case in districts, not the whole city.
    The media and political establishment are so entrenched in their politically correct views they wont do anything about it. Ironically they are prepared to allow cultures into the UK that are actually totally at odds with their own liberal views. They would not afford us the same rights if they were in charge. Sadly the tax payer in the uk has to pay taxes which actually go into funding islamic schools! Crazy why should we pay for children to be educated in islam? Or any religion for that case,but that's another argument.

    Not only that, but these cultures tend to have a much higher birth rate than the native populous. My fear is that when my daughter is grown up she will be in an ethnic minority group - the English.
    And if people tell you that the English aren't a race, then they are ignorant. Read the Origins of the British by Oppenheimer. The majority English genes have origins in this country going back to the ice age and links to Germany and go back way before the Anglo-Saxon invasions. The Anglos Saxons added to the existing culturally and ethnically identical group. In effect we are NorthWest Europeans. To say the English race doesnt exist is a smoke screen and is like saying races do not exist at all. All races have some diffusion at borders. Anyway i am not against controlled immigration from culturally similar groups.
    Positive discrimination? How can discrimination be positive. What they mean is anti white discrimination. Did anyone notice how white English people are under represented in certain areas? Perhaps we should positively discriminate white people into the national football team? End of rant.

  43. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Those who think Vancouver is a positive example of multiculturalism in action must not live here. I'm born and raised in Vancouver and the mass wave of immigration currently taking place is eroding the sense of community and culture that was once here. Instead of integrating new-comers into Canadian culture (and yes, there is such a thing) we have instead taken the multicultural route and we see segregation. There are entire cities in the lower mainland that are racially/culturally segregated. Richmond is Chinese, parts of Surrey are Indian, Langley is Caucasian... if you walk around any university campus you will see indians grouped with other indians, chinese grouped with other chinese, and whites grouped with other whites.

    Of course there are exceptions, but there is definitely a pattern of segregation that is plainly seen and felt, and it has seriously hurt community cohesion. Honestly, people wonder why there is so much complaint by students that there is no social scene on our campuses, I think this plays a big part in that.

    In theory multiculturalism is a nice concept, one that seems to display virtues like acceptance and openness and tolerance, but in reality multiculturalism causes communities to be segregated, closed off, and intolerant. There needs to be a shared language, shared culture and shared values, and integration needs to be encouraged if we are to build strong communities.

  44. You're the retarded one. A dumb liberal piece of shit who don't have the balls to face reality. Or maybe you're a lying dickhead trying to push some kind of agenda. All your exemples are either countries with failled multiculturalism or with no real multiculturalism. The US? Take a better look because the more i hear about the US, the worst it gets. Europe integrating the muslim? It´s not integration, it´s an illegal, massive invasion of criminals and rapists with a secret love for underage little girls. Japan, China and africa? I realy wonder Where do you see multiculturalism in those especially africa. Japanese has some foreigners but that's it. That's not really multiculturalism. Sale for china. They keep their culture. I didn't look much for australia but what i hear wasn't very good. If you're a self hating pussy who don't have the self respect not the balls to look at the truth fine but don't drag other people into your crap. All the things that is happening in western countries shows that multiculturalism is a fucked up illusion that need to be put aside and forgotten like a dog's shit on the street.


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