We All Know Pluralism Isn't Working, But We Can't Talk About It

The debate on race -- and pluralism -- is far from over.

1. Abilities are determined by inherited traits:
The Blank Slate, by Stephen Pinker

2. Socioeconomic status reflects race and caste:
The Bell Curve, by Richard Herrenstein and Charles Murray and The Global Bell Curve, by Richard Lynn

3. Pluralism creates greater divisions:
The Clash of Civilizations, by Samuel Huntington and Democracy in America, by Alexis de Toqueville

4. Race relations in America will only get worse:
Paved With Good Intentions, by Jared Taylor

5. Minorities are caught in a vicious cycle of crime in which they are the statistically predominant victims and perpetrators:
The Color of Crime, by Jared Taylor

6. This was also true in the 1950s:
A failure in integration

7. People are unwilling to discuss it:
My Black Crime Problem and Yours, by John DeIulio

8. Black people feel oppressed.

9. White people increasingly feel oppressed.

10. Our fortunes as a nation have not improved since integration.

What does this mean?

Each group needs its own nation. The current system, pluralism, isn't working.


  1. Or you could wait a few more generations and stop being so short-sighted.

    There are millions of people still alive today who experienced the oppression of segregation first-hand. It takes time to heal a rift like that.


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