The American agenda is unconscious. Americanism is a disease, called liberal democracy with consumerism, that can afflict anyone, but it hit the Americans first because they had the richest land, the best population genetics, and a historical founding after the crisis of the church wrecked European politics. Like Israel before them, they were leaders, and so got infected first.

Americanism states that if we just bring freedom, democracy, consumerism and representation to everone on earth, they'll all suddenly get happy. The origin of this thought is in the idea of the individual who wants the world to be less risky. He or she will opt to mentally control it, forgetting that outside his or her own mind, the world carries on with its own agenda. We think that if we act as if we were immortal gods, and that everyone else being the same way guaranteed our immortal godship, all would be better.

Finger Im Po, Kosovo


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