Response shows school shooter was correct

Normal, functional members of society agree with the statements of Jokela shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinonen, although most condemn his actions. "People believe society is screwed up," said CORRUPT agitactivist Olli Herjata, "and they see how his words have been censored, and think that any society which cannot accept valid criticism from an invalid source will not last long."

When CORRUPT released statements supporting the shooter, they were among the first, and were misunderstood in that they offered no moralization on his actions, but pointed out repeatedly that his criticisms of society were valid. "We're not looking for Utopia," Herjata said. "We believe our current society is headed toward a slow doom of devolution, and we prefer a society that's rising, making beautiful things, and in which it's fun and not so utilitarian to live. Utilitarianism, capitalism, and school shootings are all symptoms of our lack of direction and our tolerance for morons."

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