Your Internet Ego

This is just a reminder from the department of reality: your internet ego and your opinions don't mean a damn thing until you apply them. Our editor, Alex, and I were conversing today and he mentioned that very few people have taken advantage of the simple tasks we've set out to help make a change.

Yet they're on our forums and emailing in to us, each with his or her own suggestions about how we can improve, or they want to talk about how screwed up the world is.

Reality flash: we know. And you're doing nothing. And your opinions are not unique, nor are they important if you're not going to act on them. You might be feeling like you sound cooler than your buddies back home, or at the local practice space, but without you acting to make something change, you're just hot air.

We have since the inception of this site worked hard to find ways we can change the current situation. Why? Because we're not a commiseration group, and we're not here to whine and then do nothing. That's wholly impotent, pretentious and annoying. Most of what we do is write, but that's what our goal is: to unite others around some ideas, and to make the experience involved in understanding those ideas into a real emotion for people, a part of life. We want them to be there and see why we do what we do.

You have literally two options:

1. Contribute and work for something that might help.
2. Or, you can do something ineffective. We don't need another blog that fifty people a month visit to spread the word -- your blog is garbage. We don't need another coffeehouse superstar who reaches fifteen people a month. We don't need another person rambling on forums about how they've figured out the answer and everyone else is a shithead.

You ain't shit until you do something. Your little bullshit activities that amount to nothing are just personal pretense, you pretending to be important when you're not. You might want to come onboard our site, and read, and learn, and we have no objection to that. But when you do nothing when you know what the truth is, well, that's cowardice and laziness, and you deserve whatever fate this world throws out you.


  1. It doesn't matter how right or good your ideals are on war.

    Extreme situations require extreme measures. It seems to me that Corrupt/Anus is actually working on a democratic, free-will plainfield.


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