Why The Dark Legions Archive Reigns Supreme

I stumbled across Metal Worx: Metal: Why I Listen and was amused by his statement, "The writing is a little obtuse and the tone more than a little arrogant" in regards to the Dark Legions Archive. I'd have to remind him that those of us who write from a post-humanist, aestheticist position are not interested in disguising our talking down to an audience as respect, and that our goal is to provoke those of you who can understand the style of ancient writings to do so -- and for those that can't, we offer football. That's the order of the universe. Gorillas don't write symphonies, mice don't drive cars, bacteria don't code up algorithms and not all people can handle all modes of thought. For those that can, we provoke in the fullest sense of the word.

Once we get past that smug disclaimer, he does a good post which illustrates much of what we've been trying to tell the world for years: the spirit of classical music is shared in (good) metal. Consult not thy Nightwish CDs.


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