Dear America

Dear America,

Please get your Priorities straight. If we're going to be multicultural, we have to preserve the communities that exist without adulteration or we'll destroy our diversity within a few generations. It doesn't make sense to be so destructively hell-bent on wealth- and genetic-wealth-redistribution. The war in Iraq is a much more pressing concern, when many innocents are about to be slaughtered, presumably because we don't mind losing normal Iraqi lives even if they are victims of their dictator-president, as we allege.

About 2,000 in Los Angeles march against war

4,000 people gathered Saturday for a rally against racism

Some things are just taboo in our Americanized view of the world, and those are being against freedom and being against racial intermixture. That's individual rights! Payback for slavery! It's going to happen anyway! You're a Nazi!

But outside of our own fear, is there any reason to think this? Trying to mix different communities consciously because of our pretense of being "more moral" than Iraq (although our lifestyle kills many more than Saddam Hussein will) is not logical. Protesting the Iraq war may be.


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